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SideShow Charlie Productions

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Services at SideShow Charlie Productions

As true partners and creative problem solvers, we ensure that each of our services lead to your satisfaction and success. Check out the variety of services we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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Collaboration is the key to creative development.  In this stage we will work with our clients on evaluating your project’s objective and goals,

identify your target audience, your production format, and tone and 

method of distribution.

From there you will receive assistance with writing and research, booking Interviews, securing talent and location. Establishing a production crew, and evaluating equipment needs as well as creating budgets, timelines, and handling permits.


Whether a full documentary, short story, social posts, marketing, business videos, event coverage, or podcast/audio production, we handle all aspects of the recording process including: set-up and rehearsals, lighting, audio, photography, b-roll, conducting interviews, recording voiceovers/narration, or anything else agreed upon that your production may need. 


Post production is where we will piece together all the elements to make your project come together perfectly.  Some of the services we provide during this process are  logging footage, media management, video and sound editing including music and sound effects, visual effects, color correction and review process and deliverables for distribution.


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