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WLRN Public Media

WLRN Public Media is considered South Florida's Storyteller station offering the best in PBS programming and award winning original documentaries.  We create web content, produce and edit promotional spots for WLRN radio and assist with in-house video production needs.


Hollywood Historical Society

The Hollywood Historical Society is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to preserving the history and landmarks of Hollywood Florida.  We are currently being commissioned to produce a series of historical films.

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The SoFlo Weird Show Podcast

A unique podcast featuring weird Florida stories.  Topics include, legend tripping, haunted sites, twisted history and true crime. This is our own originally produced program.

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Orange Blossom 2.0

Orange Blossom 2.0 is a book authored by Cesar A. Becerra which retells the story of the founding of Miami by re-centering the focus to Miami's "other" mother Mary Brickell, a largely marginalized woman whose story often gets over looked. We do PR and marketing for Mr. Becerra  which includes creating press releases for events, social posting, and creating promotional materials.


Here and Now

Here and Now is a National Public Radio show whose themes include news, opinion, analysis, and discussion and boasts and audience of 4.5 million weekly listeners. SideShow Charlie productions provided production services for a segment on Here and Now about the difficulties faced by children with disabilities during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Positive Pathways

Positive pathways is a DCF created organization which provides educational tools to help former foster care youth graduate from college and succeed in life. We provided video and editing services for their annual conference.

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The Green Family Foundation

GFF is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting social programs that positively impact global health and alleviate poverty. The Orange Blossom 2.0 book was funded in part by the Green Family Foundation.

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The Love Burn, Inc.

One of the largest and fastest growing regional Burning Man events in the US, we were hired to film interviews and events during their recent 4 day festival at historic Virginia Key Beach Park for an upcoming documentary.


The Archaeological and Historical Conservancy, Inc.

The Archaeological and Historical Conservancy is a Florida not-for-profit organization dedicated to the documentation and preservation of archaeological and historical sites in Florida, the Bahamas, and Cuba. We are currently creating and designing a new ecommerce, mobile friendly website.

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Radio On The Lake Theatre

Radio on the Lake Theatre is a professional theater company specifically dedicated to the preservation, creative development and educational outreach of the radio theater genre. As part of their educational outreach, we are currently serving as the Florida Programming and Marketing Specialists.

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Coral Castle

A modern marvel of Florida History the Coral Castle Museum is an oolite limestone structure created by one man alone Ed Leedskalnin. We are working with the museum on several projects such as marketing, writing, and advertisements.

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