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Meet the Team

Where the Passion Begins


Mia Laurenzo

Owner, Multi-Media Producer

Mia Laurenzo founded Sideshow Charlie Productions.  She has 36 years experience in public media as a producer. Looking for new opportunities, Mia decided to branch out on her own, offering her skills as seasoned storyteller  to new clients.


Michelle McArdle

Marketing Manager/Writer/Editor

Sideshow Charlie Productions was thrilled to welcome Michelle McArdle to the team. She is an excellent writer and has innovative marketing ideas. Her  background and exceptional skill set is a true asset to every project.


Michael Anderson

Director/Production Manager

Our "go to" guy for everything technical, Michael has extensive experience in all aspects of television production, motion pictures and multimedia journalism. Since joining our team he has brought a fresh perspective and approach to all our projects.


Cesar Becerra


As a South Florida historian, author and the ultimate storyteller, Cesar brings a unique approach to his "out of the box" ideas for marketing and business. Always up for an adventure, he has a penchant for hidden history and knows no boundaries or distances when it comes to searching for it.

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